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Branding is much more than a logo. A brand identity formulates the deeper essense of a business. Think of some of the brands you love, and then think of their competition. They pretty much sell the same thing but why do you choose one over the other? Branding is what makes certain people resonate with one brand over another.

Many small businesses make the mistake of thinking a cheap logo will cut it. And maybe it will. But by not putting your all into designing an identity for your brand who knows how much revenue you could be missing out on. Often when services or products are equal, it's the brand identity that sways the consumer.

Your identity should be guided by the market you're serving. And it should be a deep dive into what connects, but also what is authentic to you.
Authenticity is crucial. Because any kind of discrepancy between your branding and your place in the market can cause confusion, which erodes trust and is the #1 thing that derails conversions.

So what is a brand identity?

A brand identity is your logo, color palette and fonts, but it is also the way you write and the words you use. It's your customer service and experience. Every touch point between you and a potential customer should be guided by your brand identity.

When I work on a branding project with a client I begin by learning as much as I can about the entire business to craft the best strategy to solidify your natural space in your market.
What differentiates you? Where in the industry are you priced? What do you think are your strenghts and weaknesses? And most importantly, who are your customers?

Because the whole point of branding is to connect deeper with your ideal customers.

Then I work on ideas for the logo, typefaces, color palettes, etc. And in the end you are given all the assets you need and a brand guide that will steer you and your team to implementing your new logo and branding flawlessly.

I help consult on anything you need so you can make the most of your brand identity and your investment.

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