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The sites I design are beautiful, clear, modern and functional. They drive revenue by building trust and sharing your message in a way that leads to sales. All while looking great and ranking high on Google.
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Tell the story of your brand, one interaction at a time

LeSaint Chocolate Company saw a 559% lift in conversions and a holiday revenue increase of over 400% due to a Conversion Rate Optimization-driven redesign of their Shopify storefront.

His design and organization of the site was intended to build immediate trust with potential clients. Boy did it work! It took several months to complete with all the details painstakingly implemented. Every minute and every dollar was 100% worth it. The proof was in the pudding - at 4th quarter everything just clicked. Google Ads worked effortlessly for far less investment and people who came to our site converted at an extremely high rate.

I wish I could give 6 or 7 stars! Thank you Gabe for being professional, courteous and dynamic!

LeSaint Chocolate

Sharing the "why" of your brand and connecting

This dental practice has increased their Google reviews by over 150, saw a traffic increase that exceeded 900% and are getting over 100 new calls per month from branding, a website redesign and ongoing SEO.

I was immediately impressed with Gabe and the time he took to get to know us. He was able to turn our vision into a reality with a wonderful website and perfect logo! He truly takes time to understand his clients and works diligently to create an impressive, personalized product. He is very easy to work with too!!

Dr. Erica

Design that drives awareness, conversions, and conversation

Lausanne has experienced an over 800% increase in organic traffic and a 240% increase in returning customers since I redesigned the Shopify website using CRO best practices and a powerful on page SEO treatment.

What struck me immediately was Gabe's communication style which is super thorough and clear. There's no question I hesitated to ask. You can tell there's a lot of thought, research, and care along with all the technical expertise that he puts into his clients.


Standing out from the noise and making an impression

Pulps site stands out from the other juice bars in the area. It oozes with personality and a strong vibe. Pulp ranks on the top of Google for the best searches both organic and on Google Maps. Surpassing businesses that have been there for years.

Gabe was incredible! From start to finish he kept communication clear and readily coming (this was a big deal for me being someone who isn't well versed on the technical side of things). His finished product was amazing my website is better than I could have imagined! I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Rìse K.

Exciting visitors into clients, patients, and customers

Though it is a brand new website, Dr. Ruthann Russo has shared with me that everyone loves the new site. I designed a streamlined process for email capture and a booking system that is easy for both user and the client.

Gabe built a website for me for a new business. He created an experience for the user that is pleasant to view and easy to navigate with integrated scheduling, payments, resources and a blog/newsletter. This is the third website Gabriel has designed for me in the past 5 years (all for different businesses) and each time the sites have been beautiful, functional and efficient!

Gabe is always available to respond to questions via email and text. I have been highly satisfied and my users are as well!

Dr. Ruthann Russo
Health & Wellness Coach

Pixel-perfect designs that foster trust and loyalty

I helped Kindness determine the best value propositions to stand out in the sea of competition. Then I designed a website that built trust in the new brand and showcased their true strengths.

An experience that inspires, informs, and aligns your audience

This landing page was designed to promote the local chapter of a national group.

Striking a chord with clean visuals and strong messaging

For UFM I handled the branding, messaging, and web design. Unfortunately this great business was short-lived when the property it was located on was sold. The client was very happy with all of the work.

Driving community through design that means something

Kevin wanted create a new site for his community that is based on self-empowerment and inner healing. Serving as both a hub for events, it also features landing pages for workshops he offers.

Brand Identity and Logo Design

Let me take your brand to a higher level

Get a real advantage over your competition and utilize the best SEO and conversion tactics that will drive new revenue
for your brand.


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WordPress Web Design - Conversion Rate Optimization - UX/UI Design - Copywriting - Search Engine Optimization - PPC

Serving clients in Holyoke, Springfield, Easthampton, Northampton, Worcestor and Boston. 

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