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Imagine capturing the market share of clicks from Google searches and Google Maps
Transparent personalized one-on-one SEO service and PPC Advertising that utilizes the latest tactics to increase your search rankings both organic and in Google Maps for your most lucrative search terms. I use only safe white hat methods and the most cutting edge strategies to help your business increase your revenue.
As a thought leader in the SEO space I have been featured and quoted in:

SEO agencies are so scammy.

Hiring a local freelance SEO expert is way better.

Let me start off by saying, when done right, SEO is amazing and creates a very high ROI compared to other digital marketing channels. The more organic search traffic a business gets, especially in Google Maps, the more of the local market share they capture.

That being said, hiring an SEO is a really tricky thing. It's confusing and intricate. And there are so many scammers and incompetent SEO's out there.

For someone that isn't versed in SEO it can take a lot of reading to get enough of an understanding of what SEO is to avoid getting ripped off.

And even then, it still happens.

I've been the "rebound" SEO for a lot of clients that got burned. So I've seen first hand how people get taken advantage of.

I can't even tell you how many clients I've talked to, saying they have been paying an SEO agency upwards of thousands a month, and then when I look at the website, I struggle to find evidence of any work having been done.

I'm not gonna lie, it pisses me off.

My clients see big results quickly. I don't measure results in just keyword rankings or traffic increases but in actual leads and increased revenue. I have an SEO process that I have been perfecting for years and that I expand upon and refine as Google throws more curveballs with every update.

I love the challenge. And I love the results. I love the thrill of working to outsmart one of the biggest corporations. I love every aspect of Search Engine Optimization.

I handle all technical SEO, content creation, Google Maps ranking, on-page SEO, and linkbuilding. I am versed in all aspects of SEO from local to enterprise businesses.

There are certain tactics I utilize that can increase local high intent traffic quickly. All safe, white hat SEO methods.

For one client I increased their website traffic over 800% in 30 days. Another is up 400% over last year, and yet another is getting hundreds on new calls through their GBP every month.

If you're interested in results like these, let's talk and see what comes of it.

My approach to SEO

I've been doing SEO for over 10 years. In that time a lot has changed. And luckily for me and my clients a lot of "SEO Agencies" tactics haven't adapted to the times.

I spend hours each week learning, testing, reading and researching to stay on the cutting edge of search engine ranking factors.


Technical and deep website audits to determine the best strategy to increase traffic.
What is an SEO audit?

Google Maps

Cutting edge tactics to increase your ranking in the map pack. 40% of the calls for a search goes to the #1 map ranking.
Understanding Google Maps

Ecommerce SEO

SEO for E-commerce is its own speciality. You need to go after national searches with a high purchase intent for the best ROI.

Keyword Research

It's all about finding those hidden gems when it comes to keyword research. It's about being smart and understanding where the search intent is.
What is Keyword Research?

On Page

On page SEO is what lays the foundation for great search engine ranking.
What is On Page SEO?

Topical Maps

Crafting topical maps is a powerful way to become an authority in your niche. I design the maps then create the content.


Like peanut butter and jelly. A good strategy is to leverage SEO with a PPC strategy. Even a small budget can do a lot for local businesses.
What is PPC?


Transparency is key. Every month you will get a detailed report showing what work was done and the current results and rankings.


Developing a thought out SEO strategy is crucial. There are no cookie cutter tactics that actually work.
What is SEO strategy?

Local SEO

There's a difference in strategy between local SEO and traditional SEO. I specialize in both. Local SEO is best for regional businesses.


Tracking data helps us understand the entire funnel, from the organic search result or ad on through the visitors journey.


Links build authority, but not just any links, the right links. Links that are on authoritative sites that are topically relevent and locally relevent are the best for increasing traffic.

Client Reviews

To find out what I'm like to work with take moment and read a few reviews from my clients.

Fun fact, I still have my very first client from when I started. I have a client retention rate of 98%.
What struck me immediately was Gabe's communication style which is super thorough and clear. There's no question I hesitated to ask. You can tell there's a lot of thought, research, and care along with all the technical expertise that he puts into his clients.
Organic Traffic Increase: +839%
Lausanne M.
Jewelry Designer
As anticipated Gabe reviewed our site and did a granular audit culminating in several pages of recommendations. The plan was clear, considered and organized. His design and organization of the site was intended to build immediate trust with potential clients. Boy did it work! I wish I could give 6 or 7 stars to Gabriel!
Organic Traffic Increase: +672%
LeSaint Chocolate
Online Chocolatier
I was immediately impressed with Gabe and the time he took to get to know us. He was able to turn our vision into a reality with a wonderful website and perfect logo! He truly takes time to understand his clients and works diligently to create an impressive, personalized product. He is very easy to work with and quite talented too!!
Organic Traffic Increase: +1,011%
Dr. Erica D
Dental Practice Owner
I have worked with Gabriel on several site designs as well as branding and logo design. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Service is quick, responsive and reliable. Gabe's knowledge of SEO and marketing have been an invaluable asset to my company.
Organic Traffic Increase: +324%
Nick V.
Gabe was incredible! From start to finish he kept communication clear and readily coming (this was a big deal for me being someone who isn't well versed on the technical side of things). His finished product was amazing my website is better than I could have imagined! I would highly recommend him to anyone!
Organic Traffic Increase: +555%
Ríse K.
Small Business Owner
Rank Higher In Google Maps and Organic Search

The best choice for local SEO to improve your small business rankings

See some example SEO packages below

Basic SEO

Best for low competition hyper-local small businesses.
  • SEO Audit
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Strategy Developement
  • Keyword Research
  • On Page SEO Optimization
  • GBP Management
  • Linkbuilding
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Schema Markup
  • 4 GBP Posts per month
  • 2 articles per month

$1,000 /month


Most Popular
Best for medium competition, local small businesses.
  • SEO Audit
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Strategy Development
  • Keyword Research
  • On Page SEO Optimization
  • GBP Management
  • Linkbuilding
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Schema Markup
  • 4 GBP posts per month
  • 2 articles per month

$1,500 /month

Advanced SEO

Best for higher competition local small businesses.
  • SEO Audit
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Strategy Development
  • Keyword Research
  • Advanced On Page SEO
  • GBP Management
  • Linkbuilding
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Advanced Schema Markup
  • 4 GBP posts per month
  • 4 articles per month

$2,500 /month

* Please note that these prices are for small businesses that are focused on a small geographical area. Some examples of businesses that are ideal for local SEO are brick and mortar stores, restaurants, medical professionals, home service businesses.

If you are looking for larger regional, national or international SEO please contact me here.

There is an onboarding charge that averages around $2,500 depending on the size of the website. This fee covers the time it takes for me to perform audits, strategize and get everything set up for you.

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