What is PPC Advertising?

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PPC stands for Pay Per Click and is paid search, also known as SEM or Search Engine Marketing. PPC typically refers to Google Ads. But it also applies to Bing ads, YouTube ads, and Amazon ads. PPC has its own set of benefits and important aspects that separate it from Social Ads like Facebook and Instagram. And the main differentiator is intent.

When utilizing PPC advertising channels you are bidding on terms that people are actively searching. This equates to a high purchase intent. With PPC you aren’t advertising to a fully cold audience. They type in a term and you advertise to them to get that sale.

Whereas with social media ads, you are trying to create the intent. If you sell red sneakers and you’re running a PPC campaign the people that see your ad are people searching for red sneakers. If you target things right your ad will only be served to people searching for that or a related term.

Now let’s take the same example for an Instagram ad. You run ads on Meta selling red sneakers you have no idea who will see your ad. You are trying to sell to a cold audience. Some people it is served to might hate red sneakers, others might already have red sneakers.

This difference is what makes PPC so powerful. Especially when it comes to local advertising. Google serves ads throughout the search results, but very heavily on the top of the results. So as long as you target the right terms in the right way and craft good ads and a good funnel you can eventually learn your customer acquisition costs on PPC and use that calculation to control revenue to a large degree.

PPC is a great asset to use in conjunction with SEO. They are both aiming for the same real estate but the more places you appear in the SERPs the more likely you are to get that click. I like to begin with getting PPC set up right away while I work on the SEO. This helps the client get results quickly and get a positive ROI faster.

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