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Strategy development is critical to effective search engine optimization. Without a solid well-researched strategy you are blindly throwing darts hoping it hits. So what is an SEO strategy?

When developing an SEO strategy there are a number of different aspects I look at. Many of these are uncovered while I am running audits. First I look at technical SEO issues. These are often challenging to fix, but they make a huge difference. If you have bog technical SEO issues no matter how much on page and off page work I do, it is hard to attain results.

The next aspect I look at is your overall Brand Entity strength. Your brand entity is determined by how many business listings and your overall brand footprint in the SERPs. Nowadays it is more and more important to have a strong brand entity.

I also explore your on page, and your site structure to make sure that everything is aligned to get the very best results as quickly as possible. Often changes to the sites structure are needed to ensure it is set up to rank the best it can.

Another very important part of SEO strategy is Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis. Keyword research shows me what the best keywords to work to rank for are. I make a list of search terms that have good search volume, relatively low competition but with a high buyer intent. These little wins can truly transform your business revenue.

And of course no strategy would be complete without a deep dive into your competition. I deeply analyze your top competitors and gahter their metrics so we know what we are up against. How are they structured? How are they ranking and for what terms? Hoe many backlinks and business lisitngs to tey have? This data gives me a broad understanding of what we need to do to beat them in the SERPs.

SEO Strategy is so important as it sets the roadmap for all of the work to come.

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